If the boxed colored kits at Walmart aren’t quite doing it for your hair, we can help! At Bloom Studios, we provide uniquely formulated hair-coloring kits for you to apply at home. But why use ours?

1. High-Quality
Our color kits are of the highest quality in the industry. With Bloom color kits, your color will last without fading or losing radiance. Additionally, unlike most other at-home color kit providers, we can guarantee that our unique formula will show up in your hair--in full color--the first time you apply it.

2. Do It Yourself
Bloom color kits, which come with detailed instructions written by our very own hair stylists, can be applied at home! Create the look you want by coloring your own hair or call a trusted neighbor to work the magic. With our at-home color kits, you are in control!

3. Cost-Effective
Save money on hair stylists and salon expenses with our Bloom at-home color kits. At Bloom Studios, we want the best for you, so you can be sure you're receiving the highest quality of service even without setting foot in our salon. Get professional results without the professional costs!

4. Unique Formulas
Our at-home color kits are not only high-quality but also one-of-a-kind. With Bloom color kits, you'll see excellent results that are different from hundreds of other brands. If you haven't been satisfied with at-home color kits in the past, our uniquely formulated Bloom color kits can change that!

Buy our high-quality, uniquely formulated at-home color kits through our website!

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