If hairstyling is what you love--what you live for--studio salon styling is for you! Each of the girls on our Bloom team is a passionate individual that once started exactly where you are. No matter how old or young you may be, now is the time to start living your dreams as a hairstylist!

As a studio salon stylist at Bloom Studios, you can run your own salon without the tedious, technical expectations of owning one. You can run your own business without the hassle of starting one. At Bloom Studios, we want you to do what you love--what we all love--and love what you do! Get hands-on styling experience in a salon setting when you become a studio salon stylist at Bloom Studios.

Here at Bloom Studios, each of our employees is a respected and admired stylist, or as we like to call them, "bloombabes" aka BossBabes: a girl who is hella easy on the eyes. You feel like your head might explode when you look at her. Bloombabes are passionate and successful individuals that are simply thriving--blooming--doing what they love most. If you think you might be bloombabe material, call us today and get started on the career of your dreams!

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